Curious about Baroque music? Do you play a string or wind instrument?
Why not join UngBarokk?

It might be hard to believe, but Baroque music has a lot more in common with modern pop music or jazz than you might expect!

If you are 10 – 20 years old and play a string or wind instrument – come join us for a slightly offbeat music course June 27 – July 1!

The idea of UngBarokk is to have fun exploring the Baroque repertoire and connections to other styles of music, and you will play along with and be guided by leading professional musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene. The strings and woodwinds will be led by violinist Bjarte Eike who is the founder and artistic leader of Barokksolistene. His ensemble has huge international success with cross-genre programmes such as The Alehouse Sessions under the slogan “it’s just old pop music”!

The brass will work with the renowned trumpeter, educator and orchestral leader Mark Bennett, who will bring some easy-to-play natural trumpets (without valves) to give young trumpeters an idea of Baroque brass playing. Saxophone players are also welcome to join Mark’s ensemble, and together you’ll work on some fantastic chamber music.

During the course, everyone will hit the dance floor with Baroque dance expert Elizabeth Svarstad where we’ll explore the noble art of 18th century flirtation. We’ll also benefit from a workshop with Tina Margareta Nilsen, the founder of the Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute (MHMI) and the creator of the movement system Timani, to help develop a deep understanding of the body to support musical technique and performance.

The adventure begins Monday 27 June at 15:00, and at the end of the course, we’ll all perform together in Stormen’s big hall as a part of the Aria Borealis Festival on Friday 1 July at 12:00.

Repertoire and practicalities

Some Baroque pieces are quite well known, while most are hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. We like a  good mix, but exactly what we’ll play together depends on who you are and which instrument you play. And perhaps a few of you violinists would like to play some solo, in which case, we’d be happy to include one of Vivaldi’s concertos for four violins. Mark’s workshop will introduce you brass players to some inspiring chamber music, and of course we’ll also add some great pieces for the whole band. We’ll create this course together, so on the application form there is plenty of room to make requests for composers or pieces. 

There will also be time to explore the relationship between Baroque music and folk music, and Bjarte will  also share some tips and tricks for those who want to try some improvisation. Everyone brings their own instruments – you don’t need any special equipment. 

Getting to Bodø doesn’t have to be too expensive. SAS offers cheap tickets for under-26s and the train fares are reasonable if you book early. 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided every day, so please tick the relevant box if you’d like to join in on those. During free evenings you’ll have the opportunity to go to concerts, enjoy a barbecue on the beach or make new friends hanging out at the Stormen Library’s gaming room. You’ll all be well looked after by our staff who will make sure you have an unforgettable week!

Fee and costs

The course is free. For NOK 1 000 you’ll get to join in on all the festival meals. 

Sign up here for participants and here for supervisors!

If you have any questions,  send an e-mail to or call 75 54 90 00 asking to speak to Mette.

Hope to see you in Bodø! 

Aria Borealis Bodø

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00–15:30 CET