Friday, June 24 at 19:00
Stormen Concert Hall / Store Sal
NOK 500/200

Opening ceremony and concert: L’Arpeggiata – Alla Napoletana

Colourful Baroque music from the streets and palaces of Naples, the vibrant city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

In the 17th century, Naples was the capital of music as well as the birthplace of opera and the Commedia dell’Arte. The prestigious Neapolitan conservatories promoted the emergence of exceptional musicians and composers, as well as the famous castrati. L’Arpeggiata delves into this seicento Napoletano, and explores the vocal repertoire, both Baroque and traditional: In the Gulf of Naples, a war breaks out between small and large fish caused by an unfaithful sardella; at the cradle of the infant Giesù, the pastori sing ninne nanne and tarantelle; in the streets of Naples, one observes flaming dances, while virtuoso airs of the castrati resonate in the palaces.

Tarantellas, folie, cantatas, dances and Canzone Napoletane by Andrea Falconieri, Cristoforo Caresana, Pietro Antonio Giramo and Luigi Rossi. A program as dramatic, varied, lively and colourful as the city of Vesuvius.

L’Arpeggiata is directed by Christina Pluhar, one of the Early Music scene’s most innovative performers. Her instruments are lutes and harps, and she also excels in composition and arranging old pieces in new and creative ways. The ensemble is famous for mixing early material with elements of jazz, pop etc. Ancient music has never felt so updated as in the hands of L’Arpeggiata.

This wonderful team is joining Christina Pluhar on stage:

Céline Scheen – Soprano
Vincenzo Capezzuto – Alto
Anna Dego – teatrodanza
Doron Sherwin – Cornetto (Zink)
Lathika Vithanage – Baroque violin
Marcello Vitale, Baroque guitar
Josep Maria Marti Duran – Theorbo & Baroque guitar
Leonardo Terrugi – Double bass
Matteo Rabolini – Percussion

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Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00–15:30 CET