Wednesday, June 29 at 20:00
Stormen Concert Hall / Lille Sal
NOK 375/200

Baroccan Jazz

Baroque and Jazz is a musical match made in heaven! The audience will surely get in the swing of things, when Bjarte Eike and Barokkanerne invite Tore Johansen and Bodø Rhythm Group into their musical world, with Chaconnes and other ancient dance forms. In return, the Baroccans are challenged to jam along in newly written tunes, old standards, and maybe an old folk tune or two.

Baroque violinist Bjarte Eike pushes the boundaries of classical music, constantly looking for new projects in the borderland of genres and reaching out to new audiences with his infectious playing and style. In this concert, he leads his fellow Baroque musicians into an encounter with another genre who has more in common with Early Music than one might assume: A playful, improvisatory approach to easy going, singable melodies and bass oriented accompaniment, and to top it all – a guest appearance by the South Sámi yoiker Frode Fjellheim.

Expect fun and surprises in this unmissable event. 

Bjarte Eike, violin
Tore Johansen, trumpet
Frode Fjellheim, vocal

Martin Högberg, guitar
Trygve Waldemar Fiske, bass
Finn Sletten, percussion

Maria Ines Zanovello, violin
Mari Giske, viola
Gunnar Hauge, cello
Fredrik Blikeng, bass
Jadran Duncumb, lute & guitar
Hans Knut Sveen, harpsichord

Aria Borealis Bodø

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