The Aria Borealis Bodø International Singing Competition for Early Music Singers is a biennial event taking place under the never setting sun in the Arctic town of Bodø, Norway. The 2022 edition opens on June 24, and in 2024 Aria Borealis Bodø will coincide with Bodø being the European Capital of Culture.

This competition sets itself apart from the often fiercely competitive atmosphere present in most music competitions. Instead, the emphasis is on the collaboration between contestants, orchestra musicians, vocal coaches and stage directors. Selected winners from the digital round will gather in Bodø for an opportunity to win further prizes through two competition rounds where teamwork, acting skills and the ability to detect and convey musical intention are as important as the traditional criteria like vocal quality and technical skills. For nine days the contestants will make music together with each other and with members of the four prominent Nordic Baroque orchestras of Nordic Baroque Scene: Barokkanerne, Concerto Copenhagen, Drottingholm Baroque Ensemble and Finnish Baroque Orchestra.

The singing competition is the centerpiece of the Aria Borealis Bodø International Festival which offers concerts, workshops, lunch talks and the opportunity to be a part of a living, vibrant village of music lovers in a town buzzing of Baroque music for over a week.

For more information or interviews with jury members or organisers, please contact Mari Giske at or + 47 99100324

Aria Borealis Bodø

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00–15:30 CET